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maandag 19 juni 2017



The pin represents a traditional image of the relief profile of Vladimir Lenin – the leader of the world’s proletariat – placed in the center of the rag of red bunting tied in a bow.
Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, the ideologist of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
The Red Bow is the symbol of the revolutionary banner painted by the blood of the fighters for freedom and equality of all people.
Red bunting is a cotton fabric dyed in bright red or crimson color. Red bunting was used in the Russian peasant community, mainly for sewing sundresses and male shirts. After the October Revolution, during the Soviet period, flags, banners and transparencies were made of red bunting in Russia. Therefore, red bunting became associated with the Red Banner.
Fastening is on a safety pin. The method of painting is hot enamel.
The pin was made in the USSR in the late 1980s and was never reproduced.
The distinctive features of the rarity original pin are the manufacturer’s unique mark and stamped price on the back of the pin. In the Soviet Union due to the absence of the freewheeling economy, goods prices had been fixed for the whole country.
The text stamped on the back of the pin “Tz10K” means “Price 10 kopecks.” In modern Russia one could buy nothing for such a sum of money.
The pin is a valuable collector’s item.